Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tour Sunday, Focus: Forest Gardening Basics

This Sunday, October 11th at 9:00 AM we'll be giving a tour of our garden with a focus on Forest Gardening Basics. The garden is looking quite beautiful this time of year and we may also have a variety of fruits and vegetables to taste, including paw paws, kousa berries, galapagos tomatoes and a variety of herbs, greens and vegetables. 

On these tours, I try to be flexible and follow where the interest of our guests leads, but for the focus on Forest Gardening basics I'll be prepared to cover:

Why forest gardens were almost universal to human cultures.
A basic approach to design.
Forest Garden Architecture: Multiple layers, homogenous textures. 
"Guild" roles to design gardens that work like ecosystems.
Top Recommended woody plants and perennial vegetables. 
The number 1 most important factor in designing a forest garden. 
A variety of approaches to installing a forest garden. 
Different approaches to meet different goals. 

In addition, our partner PJ Chmiel is also giving a tour of his very impressive forest garden. I highly recommend seeing it. 

We already have a few people signed up, so it should be a nice tour and a nice morning. I hope you'll get in touch with me or PJ to join in. See the poster above for how to sign up. 


  1. Thanks PJ, great photos as always. One more tour for the season.